Thursday, February 16, 2012

Life's Realities

            Life doesn’t stop when you have already reached your goal and stability, it doesn’t end when you already think that you have transpired your mission as a child of God; and most especially, it doesn’t end when you are already at old age and do not have sufficient strength to do worthwhile activities, nevertheless, it is just the start of your mission as a mentor to the young.
            Spending time with “lolas,” even though it was only for about 6 hours and a half doesn’t only taught me to open my eyes to the realities of social justice and to extend a hand to them, but they served as a guide for me, touching my heart and making me realize that even our simple deeds like listening to their heart-warming stories, singing and dancing with them and caring for them means really a lot for them. Actually, these are only small things that teens can do and doesn’t cost a lot from us but these small things make them feel they are special and really loved, even though they used to feel that they are left behind by whom they call their biological family , they have found the true spirit of family from us. Honestly, during the first few hours of our immersion, there is really nervousness and a little impatience within us, but as the time stays longer, there is a feeling of attachment born between us and our lolas. Actually, right now, I am really looking forward and really excited for our next meeting, for our next bonding. Hearing their laughter and even their painful cries because of what the past left them, really make me feel that yes, I am young and some people would think that I cannot do something to help them but what I can offer to them is our time to let them feel they are still special and that they are still significant in this society as creations of God. They are not only the ones who benefited from us, actually, it the other way around, I have really learned a lot of things from them. I am thankful that they have allowed us to share with us their remaining time and memories here on Earth. They have been good teachers of life for us and how lucky we are to be somehow part of their lives.
            At this moment in time, I really am excited to see them again even though they would not be remembering us again because I believe I still have the time and energy to touch their lives and share them the happiness of existence here on Earth.

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