Monday, January 30, 2012

Choose to be Happy

Choose to love, rather than hate.
Choose to laugh, rather than cry.
Choose to create, rather than destroy.
Choose to persevere, rather than quit.
Choose to praise, rather than gossip.
Choose to heal, rather than wound.
Choose to give, rather than steal.
Choose to act, rather than procrastinate.
Choose to grow, rather than rot.
Choose to pray, rather than curse.
Choose to live, rather than die.

I Love Her!

True Friends are never apart,
maybe in distance...
but not in heart. :">

Photos taken for love and with love <3

Friday, January 6, 2012

Yes, You!

A True friend

I was inspired by these lines so I want to share it with you guys. This is by BJ Gallagher.:)

A True Friend...

ACCEPTS you just as you are.
BELIEVES in your potential.
COMFORTS you when needed.
DELIGHTS in your successes.
EMPHATIZES with your struggles.
FORGIVES you when you hurt her feelings.
GIVES you time and attention.
HUGS you...often.
INSPIRES you to do your best.
JUST loves you.
KEEPS your secrets.
LISTENS with her heart.
MAKES you a better person.
NEVER judges you.
OCCASIONALLY DISAPPOINTS you, because she's human, too.
POINTS OUT your good qualities when you forget.
QUESTIONS you when your about to do something dumb.
RESPECTS your boundaries.
SHARES her hopes with you.
TELLS you the truth.
UNDERSTAND you completely.
VALUES your ideas and opinions.
WILL DO anything to help you.
'XTENDS the benefit of the doubt.
YEARNS to hear from you when you're away.
ZINGS with joy because you're friends.

'Coz I Have Them :">

        Tough times are inevitable, there will always come a time of trouble, pains and heartaches but I always know that I can go through these because I have a lot of guardian angels with me who would be more than willing to lend a helping hand when I think of giving up and surrendering the battle, their ears and pieces of advice when I just need someone to talk to, their time and attention when I feel down and worried, and their shoulders when I just can take it anymore and I need just a hug to comfort me. They are always there for me. They are not only just part my life, but they are everything that makes my life really perfect. They are My Loves! How I love them so much. Thank you Lord for sharing them with me.:">

         The people I'm referring to are not all here because I'm having a hard time browsing at my pictures but I know deep in my heart that they know who they are.:)

Welcome Good Vibes!

       2011 was a year of laughter, tears, fun moments, worries, and those inevitable problems which makes last year a tough but wonderful one because it made me who I am now and put me on where I am standing now. I have learned from those experiences many things which I strongly believe will help me arm myself for those challenges and tests to come. I know that those experiences did not make me less of a person instead those inspired me to be a better person, a stronger and smarter one. 
       Yes, I can't avoid such downfalls, heartaches and disappointments, but I can fight them, I can go through them since I am not a little girl anymore who always needs a guardian behind me to always watch for my footsteps and warn me when there's a big rock that will block my way, for I am a grown up now, stronger and independent that nothing and no one can ever belittle me and isolate me from being happy and successful.
       If I made it last year, I can also make it this year, and this time it would be BETTER.

This 2012...

       For the past years, I know that I've been a good girl; I follow rules, I obey my parents, I study hard and been a good role model but I'm aware that sometimes I break them and went out of my boundaries so this year I have some rules to set for myself, to be a better individual and also a member of this community or what they usually call as "new year's resolution."
       When I was younger, I don't actually believe in new year's resolution, why? because I admit that I have the attitude of ningas kugon wherein I'm only good at beginnings or I may say, I tend to forget them after the half of the year so for this year, I wrote what I want to change in me on my journal to always remind me that I have a list of resolution to work on and achieve for my own betterment. First of in my list to allot more time in service of God, being my Father, Provider, Creator, Superfriend and Bestest Friend, I want to have more time for Him, communicating with Him, spreading His good words and Praising His name and avoid getting my mind preoccupied with so many petty things which would only benefit my selfish motives; second I want to   put important things first, I want to set my priorities so I wont be wasting my time doing things which won't be helping me to be a good person I always wanted; Also, I want to give more time to my friends because I've realized during the past years when I first entered college, I was always busy for school stuffs that I rejected many of their invites to hang out and bond; and lastly but definitely not the least, I'm struggling to be a smarter and stronger person, yes more tough labyrinths are there waiting for me but I promise to face them with much stronger, more confident, more brilliant, but a patient me because I strongly believe that my family, friends and most especially, God is always with me.
       I can do these things because I CAN, I WILL AND I HAVE TO!

Monday, January 2, 2012

The Road You Should Take

Because I'm not a Baby anymore:D


My own condo unit

My own car

Get my ear pierced

Have a new hairstyle

I still want my crown with me!:))

You Were Meant to be:)

"Shaped and Shined"

We're all unique and special
Resembling shells washed upon the shore,
Created to glorify God
With talents, gifts, and so much more.
Though battered by life's angry waves
God holds us in His hand,
Molding our will to His own
Like shells smoothed by grains of sand.
God knows our many weaknesses
And He hears our faintest cry,
Even when we're deeply frustrated
He understands our questioning, "Why?"
But God knows the path that's best for us
He'll guide us through the storms.
"Be patient child," He calls to us;
Like a shell you'll soon take form.
For it's by the restless waters
And the dark and stormy days
That shells are shaped and molded
Don't fear, God knows the way!
Someday the struggles will be ended
And no more sorrows, all will be fine.
then we'll lift our heads with praise and thanks
On heaven's shore all shaped and shined.

-Liza Grazulis

Best Christmas Ever!

I've put those material things aside this Christmas, because I personally believe that the best Christmas ever is when your spending it with the whole family because Happy Christmas for me is not about gifts and money I receive from people but it is about the love you share and feel from the ones closest to your heart, with that Christmas would be the most perfect and wonderful one!
Cheers Everyone!

The Gift of Life

The Gift of life is a miracle
That only God can give.
We must live each day with passion-
As we have only one life to live.

The gift of life is a treasure, 
More precious than riches untold.
Each minute, each hour of every day
God keeps us His loving fold.

I thank Him for His abiding love
That He so freely bestows.
I thank Him for His mercy
My transgressions and faults, He knows.

I pause to pray at the close of day:
"Have I lived this day as I should?"
Each day, I count my blessings -
For I know that God is good!

-Charles Clevenger

Give it to Me

I just want to share what I've read from "Good Morning ... God" by Pamela S. this is somewhat connected to  my last post, You are Loved!

"What do I always say no matter what the problem, no mater what the need? Give it to me. That is My advice in every situation. You are not meant to handle these stresses and strains by yourself. You are not an ant that can carry many times its own weight! Man is not build that way. Give everything to Me. I know your heart, I know the situation-it must be left with Me."

You are Loved!

In every minute of our lives, hardships, dark times and difficulties will come that which we cannot avoid. They will just block your way no matter how hard you avoid them. They will try to hinder and stop you from reaching your goal or block you to the road to success and happiness. Some people would have just given up because they cannot handle the pains anymore, however there are also those who are courageous enough that will fight against those bars that will test their courage and faith in God.
These challenges are just given by God not to test us but He trusts us that He gives us this heartaches and pains because he believes that we can overcome these and be stronger and better individual. I believe that His reasons for giving us these challenges because this is how much He loves us that He wants us to develop our skills and abilities and how we react on that situations served to us. Also he wants us to know that no matter what happens, destruction or success, when we have no one to are turn to when times get  tough, let us be reminded that there is Someone up there who is always behind us with arms open wide to help us get up when we stumble. He is our Savior, Our Father and Provider, God.

"When they hurled their insults at him, he did not retaliate; when he suffered, he made no threats; instead, he entrusted himself to Him who judges justly."
                                                          - 1 Peter 2:23