Sunday, December 11, 2011

Safely Nestled

"Yes, My dear sweet child you are safely nestled in the palm of My hand. Always see yourself there. Nothing can overcome you. Oh, circumstances may seem to, but only on the outside. You need never bow to circumstance on the outside. How I rejoice that you are learning that! I see the peace, the joy, the grateful heart- the acquiescence to My will, and My heart rejoices! What a lesson you have learned- what treasure you have at last taken for yourself. Never fear, I am with you. Never worry, I am at your side. Stay with Me a while - until this day is past, and then the next and then the next - just one day at a time. How I LOVE YOU!"


-Good Morning God, Pamela Steinke

My Christmas Wishlist

The most latest phone, new pairs of shoes, clothes, a travel package, a shopping spree, boxes of chocolates and different sweets, a whole day in the happiest place on earth and to meet Santa; these are only few of my Christmas wishes, but that was when I was a little girl when all I think is me, myself and I and now that I am already grown-up, I only have three wishes not only for this Christmas but for every day; first is Happiness not only for me and family but for each and every one living; Peace on Earth; and Love for every mankind. this may sound elusive but it will come true if there is care for everyone, even for those people whom we do not know. Personally, I think that I almost have everything, I can feel that I am happy and satisfied with what I have now and I have nothing to wish for this Christmas but when I think of those children on the streets, crossing the streets just to make money or begging for food or coins from people passing by, those children without home and even parents to protect and feed them, those children battered by there parents who cannot even feel that they are loved, those innocent babies left by their selfish parents and those old people who, after their hard work and sacrifices for their children just dumped and abandoned them in the home for the aged without even visiting them, it really breaks my heart. Let us remember that Christmas is not only for us who have money and material things, but it is for everybody, it is for an innocent child, homeless children and for sick and old people as well. Come to think of it, we are blinded by money and material things in our lives and that we forget to spice up our lives with sharing and Love. This is the time to reflect that we are lucky enough to have a home, clothes and shoes, education and most especially family loving and caring for us. Let us share our blessing to them, let us care for them, let us show them that they are loved and let us pray for them. 

It will be a perfect Christmas for me if each and everyone of us feels the love, peace and happiness inside.

Have a Merry Christmas Everyone!:)

Merry Christmas!

Here in My Heart

How many times I've wished to wake up in the morning, wear my green jumper, put on my my white socks and black shoes, have my hair pony tailed and put on my backpack with a lot of spiral notebooks inside; that was my morning habit when I was in high school that I wish to be back. Why? because in high school, there may be tons of requirements to comply with but fun was always there. Everyday, even though stress comes my way, I see to it that there will be fun moments with my friends whom I consider my second family. Those years when we just tell stories, giggle and play all day but make sure that we are serious when it comes to studies; those days when after class you'll see us at a nearby store still bonding and chatting. Oh! how I miss those moments. I miss having fun with my friends, teasing each other and playing child games everyday. I miss working on themes, book and magazine reports, organizing events, designing my homeworks, planning for our school projects, the never-ending meetings and practices, the voice drills and physical training every morning, the greetings of my COA's, and most especially the friends that I've made and the mentors who inspired and trained me during my 12 years in SJA but no matter how I reminisce and wish that those moments be back, it will never be and all I have now are the memories, the lessons and values that my alma mater have shared to me that I am sure will be a big help in arming me as I open the doors of a successful future. Memories that I will hold forever in my heart.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Girls are Blessed with the Gift of Gab

Everybody knows that girls like to talk alot, they always have an avalanche of ideas and issues to talk about that is why talking makes them who they are. If what they think about, they talk about and bring about, then what they say is very important.

Sometimes, gab isn't always a gift. Sometimes we use this for bad purposes like gossiping, backbiting, manipulating or even complaining. But it can be a gift when we use our mouths to speak about the good and spread the word of God. The Bible says that when we speak, we either speak life or death. Our words are containers of power for good or for evil.

                 "Watch the way you talk. Let nothing foul or dirty come out
                 of your mouth. Say only what helps, each word a gift. Don't
                 grieve God. Don't break His heart. His Holy Spirit, moving
                 and breathing in you, is the most intimate part of your life,
                 making  you fit for Himself. Don't take such a gift for granted."
                                                                     -Ephesians 4:29,30 

When I was still young, I can still remember those words that I've said which were not good. Even if it wasn't my intention to hurt people, the ending was I did not know that they were hurt with the words which I really didn't mean when it was a big damage for them. The words which we think that are really okay to tell others might not be okay for them and as I go through time, I've realized that the words I'm speaking have great impact on other people's lives and The Little Pink Book by Cathy Barrel really helped me on what I'm about and should be saying. I've realized that instead of saying petty things, I should have spread the good news about God. I believe that I am here on earth because I'm born to inspire people through my words of love. 

It is never to late for us to wash our mouths and be blessed with God's words. If you think your making a huge impact to the world because of your words, then make it a habit to SPEAK LIFE. SPEAK GOOD THINGS!

"Let God's Word be your motto in tough times, and enjoy the benefits of good words!"

"Watch your thoughts; they become your words. Watch your words; they become your actions. Watch your actions; they become your habits. Watch your habits; they become your character. Watch your character for it will become your destiny." 
                                                                                                                        - Frank Outlaw

Thursday, December 1, 2011


Sometimes, we find ourselves in the midst of confusion, depression and tension because of some situations that we cannot avoid. We are preoccupied with so many things because we are so busy chasing success. 

In every minute of our lives we only think of the plans that we have made for school and work yet sometimes we ask ourselves if we are still happy with what we are doing. After all these efforts and hardwork, where are we going and what are we going to do next?

I believe many of us had already experienced this, wherein all the doors for fun and relaxation and even finding the beauty of life are closed. So let us take a pause and reflect. LET US TAKE TIME......

Take time to THINK,
It is the source of WISDOM.

Take time to DREAM,
It is the Fountain of the FUTURE.

Take time to PLAY,
It is the way to STAY YOUNG.

Take time to REFLECT,
It is the way to KNOW GOD.

Take time to SMILE, 
It is the road to HAPPINESS.

Take time to LAUGH,
It is the MUSIC of the SOUL.

Take time to LOVE,

Take time to PRAY,
It is the GREATEST POWER on earth.

In a perfect world

I have always dreamt of being a princess in a shiny golden palace with lovely flowers and an army of knights in shining armors surrounding it, with royal draperies hanging on the walls of the room with gold linings in it, tall shelves of glimmering pairs of shoes, bunches of dazzling clothes and dresses in the closet and glassy drawers displaying shining shimmering jewelries and variations of accessories. This for me describes the "perfect world" that a typical little girl longs for.

A perfect world for many of us would mean owning flashy material things, the latest cellphones and gadgets, fancy cars, clothes and shoes, mansion-like houses, jewelries and those luxuries that would give us momentary happiness. These things are deceiving that we tend to forget the most important things in our lives. Yes, these flashy little things may give us that feeling of satisfaction and belongingness but these are not permanent, time will come that these things will just get lost in time. These are not what we call the variables that would make up our "perfect world."

As I walk through time, I've realized that I am dreaming for nothing, and the "perfect world" that I'm always longing for is right where I live in. I have found it not with material things but with the people surrounding me; my family, friends, mentors and God. They are the ones who constitute to what I call the "perfect world" because they were the ones who helped me open my mind and my heart to discover the meaning and the beauty of life. They are my knights in shining armors during those chaotic days, the foundation of my Palace of Love and the diamonds of every moment which make my life truly precious. They are the ones who make my world perfect and Love is the reason behind all of these. I may not have everything in life but I have them and they are everything to me.

Yes, there's no such thing as a "perfect world" but with all those ingredients of love, the world will be far more than PERFECT.:)