Thursday, December 1, 2011


Sometimes, we find ourselves in the midst of confusion, depression and tension because of some situations that we cannot avoid. We are preoccupied with so many things because we are so busy chasing success. 

In every minute of our lives we only think of the plans that we have made for school and work yet sometimes we ask ourselves if we are still happy with what we are doing. After all these efforts and hardwork, where are we going and what are we going to do next?

I believe many of us had already experienced this, wherein all the doors for fun and relaxation and even finding the beauty of life are closed. So let us take a pause and reflect. LET US TAKE TIME......

Take time to THINK,
It is the source of WISDOM.

Take time to DREAM,
It is the Fountain of the FUTURE.

Take time to PLAY,
It is the way to STAY YOUNG.

Take time to REFLECT,
It is the way to KNOW GOD.

Take time to SMILE, 
It is the road to HAPPINESS.

Take time to LAUGH,
It is the MUSIC of the SOUL.

Take time to LOVE,

Take time to PRAY,
It is the GREATEST POWER on earth.

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