Thursday, December 1, 2011

In a perfect world

I have always dreamt of being a princess in a shiny golden palace with lovely flowers and an army of knights in shining armors surrounding it, with royal draperies hanging on the walls of the room with gold linings in it, tall shelves of glimmering pairs of shoes, bunches of dazzling clothes and dresses in the closet and glassy drawers displaying shining shimmering jewelries and variations of accessories. This for me describes the "perfect world" that a typical little girl longs for.

A perfect world for many of us would mean owning flashy material things, the latest cellphones and gadgets, fancy cars, clothes and shoes, mansion-like houses, jewelries and those luxuries that would give us momentary happiness. These things are deceiving that we tend to forget the most important things in our lives. Yes, these flashy little things may give us that feeling of satisfaction and belongingness but these are not permanent, time will come that these things will just get lost in time. These are not what we call the variables that would make up our "perfect world."

As I walk through time, I've realized that I am dreaming for nothing, and the "perfect world" that I'm always longing for is right where I live in. I have found it not with material things but with the people surrounding me; my family, friends, mentors and God. They are the ones who constitute to what I call the "perfect world" because they were the ones who helped me open my mind and my heart to discover the meaning and the beauty of life. They are my knights in shining armors during those chaotic days, the foundation of my Palace of Love and the diamonds of every moment which make my life truly precious. They are the ones who make my world perfect and Love is the reason behind all of these. I may not have everything in life but I have them and they are everything to me.

Yes, there's no such thing as a "perfect world" but with all those ingredients of love, the world will be far more than PERFECT.:)

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