Sunday, December 11, 2011

Here in My Heart

How many times I've wished to wake up in the morning, wear my green jumper, put on my my white socks and black shoes, have my hair pony tailed and put on my backpack with a lot of spiral notebooks inside; that was my morning habit when I was in high school that I wish to be back. Why? because in high school, there may be tons of requirements to comply with but fun was always there. Everyday, even though stress comes my way, I see to it that there will be fun moments with my friends whom I consider my second family. Those years when we just tell stories, giggle and play all day but make sure that we are serious when it comes to studies; those days when after class you'll see us at a nearby store still bonding and chatting. Oh! how I miss those moments. I miss having fun with my friends, teasing each other and playing child games everyday. I miss working on themes, book and magazine reports, organizing events, designing my homeworks, planning for our school projects, the never-ending meetings and practices, the voice drills and physical training every morning, the greetings of my COA's, and most especially the friends that I've made and the mentors who inspired and trained me during my 12 years in SJA but no matter how I reminisce and wish that those moments be back, it will never be and all I have now are the memories, the lessons and values that my alma mater have shared to me that I am sure will be a big help in arming me as I open the doors of a successful future. Memories that I will hold forever in my heart.

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