Sunday, December 11, 2011

My Christmas Wishlist

The most latest phone, new pairs of shoes, clothes, a travel package, a shopping spree, boxes of chocolates and different sweets, a whole day in the happiest place on earth and to meet Santa; these are only few of my Christmas wishes, but that was when I was a little girl when all I think is me, myself and I and now that I am already grown-up, I only have three wishes not only for this Christmas but for every day; first is Happiness not only for me and family but for each and every one living; Peace on Earth; and Love for every mankind. this may sound elusive but it will come true if there is care for everyone, even for those people whom we do not know. Personally, I think that I almost have everything, I can feel that I am happy and satisfied with what I have now and I have nothing to wish for this Christmas but when I think of those children on the streets, crossing the streets just to make money or begging for food or coins from people passing by, those children without home and even parents to protect and feed them, those children battered by there parents who cannot even feel that they are loved, those innocent babies left by their selfish parents and those old people who, after their hard work and sacrifices for their children just dumped and abandoned them in the home for the aged without even visiting them, it really breaks my heart. Let us remember that Christmas is not only for us who have money and material things, but it is for everybody, it is for an innocent child, homeless children and for sick and old people as well. Come to think of it, we are blinded by money and material things in our lives and that we forget to spice up our lives with sharing and Love. This is the time to reflect that we are lucky enough to have a home, clothes and shoes, education and most especially family loving and caring for us. Let us share our blessing to them, let us care for them, let us show them that they are loved and let us pray for them. 

It will be a perfect Christmas for me if each and everyone of us feels the love, peace and happiness inside.

Have a Merry Christmas Everyone!:)

Merry Christmas!

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