Monday, January 2, 2012

You Were Meant to be:)

"Shaped and Shined"

We're all unique and special
Resembling shells washed upon the shore,
Created to glorify God
With talents, gifts, and so much more.
Though battered by life's angry waves
God holds us in His hand,
Molding our will to His own
Like shells smoothed by grains of sand.
God knows our many weaknesses
And He hears our faintest cry,
Even when we're deeply frustrated
He understands our questioning, "Why?"
But God knows the path that's best for us
He'll guide us through the storms.
"Be patient child," He calls to us;
Like a shell you'll soon take form.
For it's by the restless waters
And the dark and stormy days
That shells are shaped and molded
Don't fear, God knows the way!
Someday the struggles will be ended
And no more sorrows, all will be fine.
then we'll lift our heads with praise and thanks
On heaven's shore all shaped and shined.

-Liza Grazulis

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