Friday, January 6, 2012

This 2012...

       For the past years, I know that I've been a good girl; I follow rules, I obey my parents, I study hard and been a good role model but I'm aware that sometimes I break them and went out of my boundaries so this year I have some rules to set for myself, to be a better individual and also a member of this community or what they usually call as "new year's resolution."
       When I was younger, I don't actually believe in new year's resolution, why? because I admit that I have the attitude of ningas kugon wherein I'm only good at beginnings or I may say, I tend to forget them after the half of the year so for this year, I wrote what I want to change in me on my journal to always remind me that I have a list of resolution to work on and achieve for my own betterment. First of in my list to allot more time in service of God, being my Father, Provider, Creator, Superfriend and Bestest Friend, I want to have more time for Him, communicating with Him, spreading His good words and Praising His name and avoid getting my mind preoccupied with so many petty things which would only benefit my selfish motives; second I want to   put important things first, I want to set my priorities so I wont be wasting my time doing things which won't be helping me to be a good person I always wanted; Also, I want to give more time to my friends because I've realized during the past years when I first entered college, I was always busy for school stuffs that I rejected many of their invites to hang out and bond; and lastly but definitely not the least, I'm struggling to be a smarter and stronger person, yes more tough labyrinths are there waiting for me but I promise to face them with much stronger, more confident, more brilliant, but a patient me because I strongly believe that my family, friends and most especially, God is always with me.
       I can do these things because I CAN, I WILL AND I HAVE TO!

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