Friday, January 6, 2012

Welcome Good Vibes!

       2011 was a year of laughter, tears, fun moments, worries, and those inevitable problems which makes last year a tough but wonderful one because it made me who I am now and put me on where I am standing now. I have learned from those experiences many things which I strongly believe will help me arm myself for those challenges and tests to come. I know that those experiences did not make me less of a person instead those inspired me to be a better person, a stronger and smarter one. 
       Yes, I can't avoid such downfalls, heartaches and disappointments, but I can fight them, I can go through them since I am not a little girl anymore who always needs a guardian behind me to always watch for my footsteps and warn me when there's a big rock that will block my way, for I am a grown up now, stronger and independent that nothing and no one can ever belittle me and isolate me from being happy and successful.
       If I made it last year, I can also make it this year, and this time it would be BETTER.

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