Friday, January 6, 2012

A True friend

I was inspired by these lines so I want to share it with you guys. This is by BJ Gallagher.:)

A True Friend...

ACCEPTS you just as you are.
BELIEVES in your potential.
COMFORTS you when needed.
DELIGHTS in your successes.
EMPHATIZES with your struggles.
FORGIVES you when you hurt her feelings.
GIVES you time and attention.
HUGS you...often.
INSPIRES you to do your best.
JUST loves you.
KEEPS your secrets.
LISTENS with her heart.
MAKES you a better person.
NEVER judges you.
OCCASIONALLY DISAPPOINTS you, because she's human, too.
POINTS OUT your good qualities when you forget.
QUESTIONS you when your about to do something dumb.
RESPECTS your boundaries.
SHARES her hopes with you.
TELLS you the truth.
UNDERSTAND you completely.
VALUES your ideas and opinions.
WILL DO anything to help you.
'XTENDS the benefit of the doubt.
YEARNS to hear from you when you're away.
ZINGS with joy because you're friends.

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